Montréal du Gers

Montréal du Gers is one of the oldest fortified villages in Gascony.

The old part of the village with the central square is the heart of the village. After your walk you can sit on one of the terraces under the arcades enjoying a ‘café au lait’  watching the pilgrims go by.

The gothic collegiate church next to the square is also worth visiting.

Montreal du Gers has 1300 inhabitants and forms part of the most beautiful villages of France (les plus beaux villages de France).

Most people in the area are wine growers and their most famous product is armagnac.
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The Way of Saint James

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Discover the pilgrims’ hostel, its stunning views and the picturesque village of “Montréal du Gers”.


Are you a pilgrim, a walker or just passing through?The hostel is right in the centre of the village, directly on the Way.

Gîte Compostela - 10 rue du 14 Juillet - 32 250 Montréal du Gers - 05 62 28 67 36 / 06 44 31 82 82

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