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Most pilgrims will finish their daily walking in this idyllic and peaceful village browsing around under the arcades of the central square. There are plenty of shops where you can restock and medical assistance is also available.
The hostel  ‘Compostela’ is situated directly on the Way, next to the old town walls and  only a few yards away from the central square.
Pilgrims can enjoy the panoramic views towards the lovely countryside On clear days you can even see the Pyrenees.
You will be warmly welcomed by Anita who will cook a delicious meal for you.
During the communal dinners pilgrims will talk about their personal experiences and try and help each other with valuable advice; lifelong friendships can often arise from these gatherings.

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The Way of Saint James

A way of harmony, sharing and spirituality in accordance with nature...

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Discover the pilgrims’ hostel, its stunning views and the picturesque village of “Montréal du Gers”.


Are you a pilgrim, a walker or just passing through?The hostel is right in the centre of the village, directly on the Way.

Gîte Compostela - 10 rue du 14 Juillet - 32 250 Montréal du Gers - 05 62 28 67 36 / 06 44 31 82 82

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